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What if I already have a job?

Of course we’re here for you even if you already have a job! Do you have any questions or need help? Then contact your Talent Manager - by email or phone.

For your account, this means:
Your profile has several settings relating to security. You can choose between “Actively looking,” “Open for opportunities,” “Not looking,” and “Secretly looking.”
You change this easily with the click of a mouse. And we’re happy to help, if needed!

If you want to leave your profile active, you will continue to see appropriate positions. But you will not be visible to companies if you leave your status as “Not looking” or “Secretly looking” (even when your profile is active).
You can also blacklist certain companies.
This means that these “blacklisted” companies cannot see your profile even if your profile is set to “Actively looking.”

Your profile can be deactivated for a period of time to avoid finding companies or positions that fit with your experience.

Updated on: 07/01/2021

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