Candidates apply to Taledo in order to be featured on the platform. We review each candidate carefully by checking their CV (resume). We ensure that only the top 10% of candidates are featured, so our vetting process is quite rigorous.

Once candidates are accepted to the platform, you have access to their profile and may search through out database to find a suitable one for your hiring needs. Once you find a fitting candidate, you may send him or her an interview request. Interview requests are non-binding, but give the candidate an idea what you have in mind for him or her.

You additionally receive a dedicated Account Manager, who will help you to fill your open positions by sending you suitable candidates according to the criteria you provide to us.

All of the above is free. You only pay a commission (20% of yearly salary) once you hire a candidate who has been introduced to you via Taledo. Signing up is completely risk free. Try Taledo today!
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